4 Steps You Can Take to Ensure Your Puppy Will be Safe in a Boarding Kennel

Leaving a puppy behind while you go on holiday is no easy thing. Just like older dogs, puppies need constant care as well as your love and affection. However, the biggest issue with puppies is whether or not they will be traumatised by an extended period of separation. With this in mind it's no surprise that many puppy owners are terrified by the thought of leaving their beloved pup in a strange environment while they take a vacation to work on their tan.

How to Socialise an Older Dog to the Company of Other Dogs

Our four-legged friends are pretty accepting of new people and dogs when they are still in the puppy stage; when they're young, you'll mostly just need to expose them to new things and reinforce their behaviour with some tasty treats. Unfortunately, socialising an older dog to the company of other dogs can be tricky. This can be problematic if you need to leave yours at a boarding facility, where it will naturally interact with other pooches, but, even if it will never be necessary to leave them with other dogs, it's nice to know that your pet will be able to make some canine friends.

Great ways for taking care of disabled cats at your cattery

No one shows better affection or love than a cute furry friend. That's why cats need to be given all the care they can get. Currently, people even start businesses offering pet boarding facilities. If you have the funds, you can join the team by turning your backyard space or garage into a small cat boarding area where your neighbours can leave their animals at a fee. Since it will be your first time doing this, taking care of the disabled cats could be quite difficult without the right guidance.